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Q: What is SwipeClock?

A: SwipeClock is a web-based, automated timekeeping solution that is suitable for businesses both large and small. SwipeClock was designed to offer exceptional user ease through its online administrative service and through the use of "plug and play" hardware to collect employee punch data. The SwipeClock service can utilize badge cards, PIN, a biometric finger scan, or the phone to record employees punches.


Q: How does it work?

A: The SwipeClock solution is made up of an online administrative service for managing employee labor data and a variety of hardware options to collect and send the employee punches to the Internet.

To offer an example, our standard electronic time and attendance clock is an advanced time clock that connects to a telephone line and automatically transmits employee punches to a secure web-based server. It?s the simplest alternative to laborious time card calculation. Employees punch in and out on the clock by swiping their personal electronic time card, entering a PIN code, online through their PC, or via finger scan. Each night, the clock silently transmits the day?s activity - reliably and securely. The time and attendance records are immediately available to your payroll professional, and to you on your computer via the Internet.


Q: Aside from basic time tracking, what other features does the SwipeClock service provide?

A: Other features include job costing (with full summary/detail reporting capabilities), custom prompts, automated daily e-mail reports, automatic lunch deductions, flexible and automated overtime calculations, customized supervisor login accounts, custom punch rounding, shift differential pay, and much more.


Q: How does the SwipeClock service track job costing?

A: At the time of clock IN/OUT the employee can be prompted to enter the data needed for job costing. For example, the clock can be programmed to prompt the employee to enter a job code, department, amount of sales, tips, etc. Reports can then be run to filter by employee, job code, department, etc.


Q: What type of reports do you have to offer?

A: We offer a selection of differing reports, each of which may be altered, filtered, or sorted in a variety ways to better accommodate reporting needs. The following are some examples of reports we offer:

  • Summary Report

  • Detail Report

  • Single Day Summary Report

  • Daily E-mail Report

  • Labor Code Report


Q: Does your service support multiple departments with multiple pay rates?

A: Yes. Employees with multiple departments and multiple pay rates are supported.


Q: Does your service offer Rounding options?

A: Yes. We offer a wide variety of "global" rules, along with the ability to create custom rounding scripts for clients who posses special rounding schedules.


Q: How does your system handle Overtime?

A: Standard OT rules for individual States are available. Custom scripting also enables us to accommodate an assortment of additional OT settings.


Q: Where can I see SwipeClock in action?

A: We have an interactive demo account on our web site. Simply select the "Customer Login" link in the lower left hand part of your screen. When prompted to enter a user ID and password, enter ?online? as the user ID and ?demo? as the password. This is a fully functional account that shows the majority of system features. Take a look at the individual employee time cards; each card represents a different company and account setup possibility.


Q: Once a client decides to use SwipeClock, how long does it take to get them started?

A: We can usually activate and ship clocks within 24 business hours once we receive the purchase order. The clocks are light (less than 3 lbs.) and can be shipped economically. Clocks arrive pre-programmed and require basically zero setup. Simply connect the clock to a phone line and power supply, and begin using it immediately.

Also, we make it very easy and very affordable for you to hold a small inventory of hardware, which in having would allow you to setup clients essentially immediately. From your own office you could follow the simple programming process, setup the client's account, drop off the clock, and begin service.


Q: How do we sign up to become a reseller?

A: We provide you with a SwipeClock Reseller Application, which must be filled out and returned to our offices. Our reseller program is open only to payroll professionals and accounting firms. Upon acceptance, a ?Reseller? becomes eligible for program benefits, which include wholesale pricing on equipment and services, a demo clock account free of monthly fees, custom card printing with quantity discounts, an online client supervisor account, and more. Contact us at 1.888.223.3450 to receive your reseller kit.


Q: What type of data collection devices do you have to offer?

A: We use a Verifone Tranz 330/380 badge card reader, which is manufactured by Hewlett Packard, as well as an Internet-based PC "WebClock." (Note: We can also reprogram competitor's time clocks if they make use of the Verifone Tranz 330/380 terminal.) We also offer a biometric PrintReader add-on that can be connected to our standard TimeClock unit to eliminate the costly expense of buddy punching. Our FlexClock Series offers a variety of multi-function data collection devices with enhanced functionality at affordable price, including Ethernet and Cellular connectivity, proximity badge punching, biometric verification and more.


Q: Do I need a dedicated phone line for the basic TimeClock unit?

A: No. The clock unit does not need a dedicated phone line. In fact, the time clock can share a line with your existing fax machine or credit card machine as the clocks are designed in such a way that they will not answer inbound calls, and any outbound calls are made late at night so as not to interfere with regular business communications. All outbound calls are made using a 1-800 number, so no long distance charges are incurred. The clock does require, however, an "Analog" phone line.

Our FlexClock series, however, transmits through an Ethernet connection, or "digital lines" for sending data to the web.


Q: Does the clock need to be connected to the phone line at all times in order for employees to punch IN/OUT?

A: No. The clock can collect the employee punches without being plugged into the phone line. The clock will store up to 5000 punches before it needs to transmit. In order for the time clock to actually transmit the punch data, it does need to be connected to a phone line.


Q: What happens to the punches in the clock if the power goes out?

A: Each clock unit has a built-in Lithium battery. If the power does go out, all the punches in the clock will be stored until the clock receives power again, assuming the clock did not receive a major power surge. (If the clock receives a major power surge, this could result in lost punches as well as a "Programming Error". We suggest investing in a surge protector to power the time clock.) Once power is re-established you can update the payroll data by pressing the 9 key on the keypad.


Q: Is there a way to bulk import employee data into the SwipeClock application?

A: Yes. Using an Excel spreadsheet, the employee data may be imported into the SwipeClock database by using the "Bulk Import" option found in the Accountant Menu.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of supervisors one client can have in the system?

A: No. SwipeClock provides allowances for as many supervisors as needed.


Q: Can I restrict a supervisor from seeing wages on the timecards

A: Yes. When setting up a supervisor login, the supervisor can be filtered to view only assigned departments, locations or employees. They can also be filtered to either see wages or not, edit punches or not, and add/edit employee data or not.


Q: Does your service alert the supervisor of missed punches?

A: Yes. If an employee has a missing punch, his/her name will appear in red in the Employee List along with the number of punches missing. We also offer a free Daily E-mail Report, which provides activity for the previous day and also displays missing punches.


Q: Can employees view their time cards?

A: Yes. Employees may view their time card using an Internet browser. An employee must have a web password to view their timecard. Employees are not able to edit their time card using their employee login ID and password, but may be given permission to edit their own time card if given a supervisor login ID and password.


Q: Can an employee clock IN at one location and OUT at another location?

A: Yes. By adding a Location ID Stamp to each clock, the location at which the employee clocked IN/OUT will appear on the time card and subsequent reports.


Q: Can an employee clock into more that one "job code" during a shift?

A: By activating the "Out Punch Completion" option, employees do not have to clock OUT of one "job" and IN to the next. They simply clock IN to each "job" after completing the previous one. The system will then automatically generate an OUT punch for the previous "job." The only time an employee will need to actually clock OUT (using the 2 key) is at the end of their shift.


Q: Can your system handle automatic lunch deductions?

A: Yes. In the Employee Set Up screen, automatic lunch parameters can be set. For example, a setting of 30 minutes after a 5 hour shift may be created.


Q: Does your system support an interface with payroll software?

A: Yes. We currently have interfaces available for a number of payroll software applications. Interfacing with payroll software is available for all payroll software programs by simply providing us with a file format. NOTE: File formats and scripts are susceptible to additional charges and/or time constraints. Please consult with a technician for detailed information pertaining to your particular needs.








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