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Implementing automated timekeeping is an exceptional decision for employers. Reduce labor, clerical costs and compliance risk. Increase employee accountability,  supervisor visibility, and convenience. You'll operate more conveniently and cost effectively with timekeeping!


Increase the value of your payroll offering with automated timekeeping! Did you know you can gain a competitive advantage, increase revenue and retention, and process more payroll in less time with fewer errors? We simplify the process of providing timekeeping with payroll!


Forbes: A Simple, Affordable, Web-Based Timekeeping Solution




We pride ourselves in providing timekeeping solutions that are easy to use for both employees and supervisors. With plug-and-play hardware and user-friendly tools, you can be up and running on automated timekeeping in a matter of hours, not weeks.




SwipeClock is a simple, affordable timekeeping solution. We understand that employers need a capable but practical timekeeping solution that will improve overall operations, reduce labor costs, but won't cost "an arm and a leg" to obtain. Read more



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